You pushed too hard
What did you think that sound was
I canít decide if itís my will or my spirit breaking
It was my heart torn in two
I made the choice to run away & pretend you didnít
Exist I donít know if I thought it would
Make me happy but things need to change

You were there haunting me in my weakened
State and as unfair as it sounds I
Gave into it & used all you gave
But there came a time when we knew it was over
I never thought there would be a time that I felt
That I made a mistake being here

I donít regret a thing
I donít regret a thing

Seasons change
and I find it hard to adjust
Seasons change
and I find it hard to adjust

Iím running out
Of ways of making this easy
If you had just let me speak and listened
The first time we would be over it
I thought I made it pretty clear that we were over
Have respect & just turn around and forget
What we thought was will never be

I wrote you a letter
To explain all that happened
But I realised that every word would be a lie

I never thought
I would regret what I did
But I do & now I have the plan to turn things round
and get back to the life I planned
I have the chance to put everything back together
Without your help I can manage this on my own
I can do it when itís needs to be