Fragments (of I Don't Need Another Friend)

Sometimes I find
Myself staring at
Your face the way it was
Before your heart grew cold
You turned away
And forgot
What we once were

Youíre breaking through
The time it takes to say youíre sorry
I canít stay but I canít leave
Iíll time the time it takes
To find yourself and start again
Where is the love
I waited so long for?

What have I done?
For you to be this way
You broke my heart
With puppy dog eyes
With calls unanswered
You left a hole through my life

Things were so good
Why did they have to change?
Could I have walked
A different path
Or was this the way
You planned it
From the beginning

I canít she said
But I could be your friend
So I said goodbye
And closed the door
Letís leave unsaid
Youíre heartless
And Iím heartbroken