12.04.2017 13:40

Itching to get back on stage

After so many hours in the studio working on the new album, we cannot help it. We really feel the need to go back on stage and rock with you guys. So we’ve decided to take a break and jump on the opportunity to play a gig with the Italian punk-pop band The Marvel at Memphis Bar in Zurich. See you on Friday 21st of April, rockers!

(show news)
07.10.2016 08:56

Studio Teaser

LCTSG are in the studio and working hard on the recording of the new album. Here’s a quick glance at what we’re doing these days…

(show news)
08.12.2015 13:36

Thanks everyone for coming out to see us last Saturday. We’ve had tons of fun rocking into the festive season with you guys! We’ve uploaded some pictures of the show (thanks a lot, Petra!), so you can remember that awesome night, just in case you had one or two drinks too many… Happy Holidays!

(show news)
28.10.2015 13:17

New show announced

We’re taking a break from writing incredibly amazing new songs for our upcoming album and are coming out of the studio once more in 2015! We’ll proudly open for the ska punkrockers The Tackers from Solothurn Switzerland at District 28 in Siebnen on the 5th of December. And we’ll make sure, it is worth your journey… There might be one or two brand new songs off our current masterpiece in progress to be played exlusively on that very night!

(show news)
30.09.2015 09:33

Meet Manu – A shortfilm by Last Chance to Say Goodbye

(show news)
25.05.2015 17:09

Manuel’s debut as our new drummer on 5th June

Did you miss us? We’ve missed you! We have been away for good reason though,we’ve been super busy in the studio putting the finishing touches to the demo for our third album. We only have 2 more songs to finish and then it’s off to be given a once over by our producer and then into recording. All of this of course is being done together with our new drummer. We have saved this information until now as we wanted something to report on the new album and also to have a forum to show what Manuel can do behind the drums!! And now we finally get this chance. Yes, we are coming out of hibernation for the evening to play at Kulturkeller Höngg on 5th June.This will be our first gig since 2014’s Rock Highway final so trust us when we say that we will be pulling out every trick in the book to bring you a great show. We might even play a few new songs for you, to wet your appetite for the release of the new album in early 2016.

So get yourselves down to Kulturkeller Höngg on 5th June and bring your dancing shoes and your party dress (or trousers). Maybe even bring some sunblock as it’s gonna get hot!

(show news)
13.08.2014 21:33

Last Chance to Say Goodbye to Pascal

The old saying goes “No news is good news…”. Well this isn’t always correct. Our first news in a long time brings bad tidings…Pascal is leaving the band. Pascal will be returning to school in October and as the course is so intensive it would leave him little time to invest in the band he decided that it would be best if we would look to find a replacement drummer. This is sad news indeed but obviously we wish Pascal all the best with his studies.

Now that does mean that our long awaited 3rd CD will be delayed whilst we recruit a new drummer, teach the songs, and gauge his/her tolerance to vast quantities of alcohol but we will push ahead as quickly as possible and hopefully get some shows before 2014 draws to a close. Who knows, perhaps we will even debut the two new songs “Sacrifice” and “From the Edge” and whatever else we can produce before then. We miss you and will do our best to get to you before the nights get cold and dark.

In the meantime if any of you knows of a drummer, or are a drummer yourself, please drop us a line and help us get back on our feet as soon as possible.

(show news)
26.01.2014 17:51

Our kickass Show got us the “Best Performance” Award!!!

So the crown of Rock Highway has alluded us once again. We did however win a special category of “Best Performance” and secured ourselves a band makeover at HaarRock in Zurich which is awesome. Thanks again to all of our fans that came last night and for making it so memorable. Onwards and upwards as they say. We will see you soon.

(show news)
05.01.2014 14:25

Second best of Rock Highway Contest 2013

Last Chance to Say Goodbye came in second in this year’s Rock Highway Contest in the category “Best of Rock Highway Contest” thanks to the big support of our fans! You truly are the best!!! Give yourselves a big round of applause!

On the 25th January the three best bands of the “Best of” and the “Newcomer” category measure their skills in the TOP FINAL, where therefore only the very best are playing. Playtime is once again 30 minutes, so we can entertain you with a 33% longer and better set than last time! We’ll give it our best and with the support of you and your friends, we’ll be able to go for the big win this time and show them once and for all, how one takes the rocky high road in rock highway!

(show news)
17.11.2013 16:17

We have made the final of Best of Rock Highway Contest

With flying colours we’ve reached the finals of Rock Highway Contest 2013 in the category “Best of Rock Highway” thanks to your support and votes yesterday. We’ve had endless fun playing in our hometown again and Pascal giving his debut in Switzerland as our new drummer. And well, once more we do not have to mention the after-show party… If you’ve been there, you know (or maybe not anymore) what we’re talking about. Thanks for coming out and voting for us! Now let’s win this thing in the final on the 4th of January!

(show news)
17.10.2013 11:26

Our new record The Promise is released!!!

Finally, it is here! We are very proud of our new record which is not only called The Promise but in fact is a promise to the upcoming full-length album in 2014, which will go by the name of…. nah we’re not telling you that yet! But the two discs are related and will tell an emotional story filled with hope, disappointment, treason, anger, sadness and more… On The Promise you’ll find great studio-recordings of all-time favourite live-hits like Holiday Away From You and Perpetual Belief in the Lower Self. This disc makes you wanting more, which will come soon.. promise!

It is now available on our Merchandise Store, and also various download-shops like iTunes, Amazon, Ex Libris etc.

(show news)
14.10.2013 14:28

Spanish Tour with Tainted Nation was a big success

We’re back from our awesome tour with the British rockers Tainted Nation through Spain and we couldn’t be happier. It was an amazing experience for us and we’ve had so much fun doing it. We’d like to sincerely thank everyone involved in making this possible, Tainted Nation, the Petes, Axel Wiesenauer and of course all the new spanish fans. We’re gonna share our great adventure with you with pictures and a tour video we’re about to make now.

(show news)
25.08.2013 20:26

LCTSG are off on their second tour!

We are very proud to announce that we will be going on tour with British rockers Tainted Nation for a 10 day, 9 date tour of Spain. Details can be found in the Shows-section. Watch out Spain, we’re coming!

(show news)
06.07.2013 15:54

Züri Rocked!!

It was a fantastic night for us, playing the Züri Rockt open air festival at Züri Fäscht! First pictures are already online and more will follow in the next few days. Thanks to the greatest fans in the world for joining us and partying LCTSG-style! It was awesome!

(show news)
06.06.2013 09:20

We’ll be live on stage at ZüriFäscht!

The well-known ZüriFäscht is Switzerland’s biggest open air festival with up to 3 million visitors last time throughout the city of Zurich. We’re proud as fuck that this time, we’ll be a part of it! Out of a ball-load of bands applying for this slot, we were chosen and will rock the stage right in the middle of the festival at Grossmünsterplatz on Friday 5th of July around 6 pm. Only death is an excuse not to witness this and even then we would need it confirmed by an independent 3rd party. So stop by and party with us into one of Zurich’s greatest nights this summer!

(show news)
22.05.2013 12:47

LCTSG are on summer break

With a great farewell show last night at Dynamo (thanks for showing up and partying with us once more!) we’re now taking some time off stage to record a new CD. Stay up to date on the progress with our newsletter, the mobile app and / or Facebook. We’ll be back! Have a great summer everyone!

(show news)
14.03.2013 15:49

We’re so geeky, we have an app now too!

Last Chance to Say Goodbye have arrived in 2013 and have got it right! No matter whether you call yourself an iGeek or an Android, we have just the right thing for you now. Our app features a newsfeed, music, concert dates, videos, pictures, lyrics and much more. And of course, it is for free. So put down Angry Birds and go check out our new app in the corresponding app store.

In case you’ve downloaded our web-app earlier on, please delete it and download the native app from the appstore to get all the new features. Enjoy!

(show news)
21.10.2012 13:44

Last Chance to Say Goodbye celebrates their 5 years anniversary

That’s right, LCTSG is officially 5 years old; we’ve stopped peeing ourselves, we can feed ourselves solid food and we have learned to drink like crazed animals. We’ve also massed a catalogue of tunes, played some awesome gigs and built a fan base of which we are proud. To celebrate we are playing Club Hey on Friday 26th October with our friends Walter Calls Ambulance. It’ll be a set full of oldies and newies followed by the full-service aftershow.

(show news)
13.08.2012 09:22

Important information for the upcoming Openair Uznach


On the 31st of August, we’ll perform another summertime show spiced with brand new songs at Openair Uznach. We are aware of the fact that Uznach is not too close to Zurich and that we are not playing an early slot. Since we want each and every one of you there to celebrate a legendary party, we organise transportation to Zurich (all the way to Zurich by car or at least to a train station where the night-trains run) for everyone signing up by email with his/her name and phone number via the contact form (limited capacity, first come first serve).

(show news)
18.07.2012 11:04

The Last Chance to Say Goodbye Mobile App is here

If you visit our website with your smartphone, you will now be asked whether you want to see the mobile version. Then you are able to install the free web-app on your phone. It allows you to easily access our Facebook / Twitter feed, check our tourdates, listen to our songs, watch all our videos and see the newest photos on the go. We’re proud to be so 2012! If the demand on the app stays high, we’ll even go for a native installed app which you will be able to download from the relevant appstores for free. So please share this with all your friends who have a smartphone and we’ll reward it for sure.

(show news)
25.06.2012 16:44

First Openair Show coming up

Yes that’s right; on 31st of August we’ll be rocking the stage of Openair Uznach on prime time! And if that’s not enough, we’re also playing again at Langstars Zurich on the 14th of July. We’re ready to rock on.. are you?

(show news)
27.03.2012 14:05

Wanna be our support act?

Now we give our fans the chance to open for us! On the 28th of April 2012, we’re gonna do our yearly unplugged / acoustic show. This time it’s gonna be at Zone 20 – Das Jamcafé in Mannedorf, Switzerland. But before we go on stage, it will be a 2 hrs open jam session for everyone who wants to struck a few chords or sing a few notes. Do you think you have it in you? Here’s the chance to let it out! We’re gonna be there in front of the stage as your fans, word!

(show news)
27.12.2011 16:47

Happy Holidays and Outlook 2012

Everyone from Last Chance to Say Goodbye would like to wish you happy holidays, great new year’s eve parties and after all, a happy new year!

Our group is about to start into the fifth year since the founding and this year is going to be big. New songs are in the making, shows are coming up starting in February with our comeback in Zurich, and we even might surprise you with a special for our anniversary. Stay tuned, as usual through Facebook, Twitter and on a more personal basis through our Newsletter.

(show news)
09.11.2011 12:25

UK-Tour Video Online

Here it is! The video with all the highlights of our first UK-Tour last October. We’ve cut it down to an 8 minutes summary of a 4-days-weekend of pure awesomeness. Enjoy!

(show news)
21.09.2011 13:45

Last Chance to Say Goodbye will go on their first UK-Tour

That’s right, folks! We’ll head out for the great city of London in mid-October and play shows at the Nomad and the Hope and Anchor. All our British friends (and of course everyone else) are kindly invited to join us for a weekend of heavy rock and even heavier partying. The Sound of Solace charity show at Nomad will benefit the Solace Women’s Aid and their fight against domestic and sexual violence. We are honoured to do our part. More information can be found in the SHOWS-section.

(show news)
07.04.2011 16:40

Last Chance to Say Goodbye are on summer break

With a memorable show at Lambada Bar in the centre of Zurich, Last Chance to Say Goodbye said goodbye until end of July this year. Due to a stay abroad of a band member, the band was forced to take a summer break. We are happy to take booking requests for shows after 3rd of August at any time and we are looking forward to be back on stage soon. Stay up to date about important developments around the band by registering for our newsletter and joining us on Facebook. Have a good time and we’re looking forward to see you all again soon.

(show news)
10.02.2011 00:45

Finally our first live videos are online

We’re very proud to announce that the videos from the shows at Volkshaus and Alte Kaserne finally went through the editing process and are now online and available for you. This is a premiere for us, since we never had videos of any of our shows before. Thanks a lot to Angie and Fabian for their hard work making this possible. And now click here to watch the new live videos.

(show news)
23.01.2011 13:55

Thank you for your amazing support at Volkshaus

We didn’t win but we gave it our all and we figured that it must have been a close result. It was great night anyway and we’ll definitely profit a lot from that experience. Thank you guys very much for showing up and rocking with us. The view from the stage was awesome, seeing numberous LCTSG-shirts and so many friends dancing, singing and partying with us! You rocked! Thank you!

(show news)
08.01.2011 03:58

Thank you for your support! You’ve been awesome!

We’re really happy to announce that we’ve qualified for the finals of the Rock Highway Contest 2010. Thank you for your support, you have been amazing! We will play on the 22nd of January 2011 at Volkshaus Zurich in the final show of the contest and with your support, we can win the price worth up to 50’000 CHF! Please spread the word and bring all your friends to the show. We will then be able to thank you all with a brand new CD by us.

(show news)
19.11.2010 16:49

Get your Rock Highway Semi-Final Ticket for only CHF 15.- instead of CHF 20.-

Good news: We are able to offer you tickets for the Rock Highway Semi-Final on the 7th of January 2011 for worthy CHF 15.- instead of the official CHF 20.-! Please note though that we only have a limited number of these reduced-price tickets available. Therefore you should get yours right away.

Click here to go to the shop and purchase your ticket

Please inform all your friends about this offer. Thank you for your support. It is very much appreciated!

(show news)
19.10.2010 17:18


We ended up 4th in the online-voting of Rock Highway Contest. This means that we are qualified to play one of the semi-final shows on the 7th of January at Alte Kaserne in Zurich. Of course we will be in need of your support there again, but this is now the time to thank you all sincerely for your participation in the online-voting.

More information regarding the semi-final show can be found here.

(show news)
17.09.2010 15:54

Rock Highway Contest and additional Show

We are currently participating in the Rock Highway Contest by Please vote for us, so we can play the semi-finale with a kick-ass show. Every single vote counts, so please spend 3 minutes to register a free profile on and vote for us on Thank you sincerely for your support.

Another show has been confirmed: We will play at Guss 81-80 in Bulach, on the 8th of October with Phonoflakes and Sunset Hill. Don’t miss this great show!

(show news)
12.09.2010 21:02

New Shows confirmed

Last Chance to Say Goodbye are back!!! We will be live on stage again at Tortuga Bar in Zurich on the 2th of October 2010. Remembering our show last year, which is known as “the awesomeness”, we decided to pay Tortuga Island a visit again for an evening of great music and cold pirate-drinks. And here’s the kicker: It is FREE ENTRANCE!

On the 16th of December 2010 we will also perform at Club Hey in Zurich. More information on that event will follow. Check out the Shows section and sign up for our newsletter to be up to date.

(show news)
28.07.2010 10:23

Last Chance to Say Goodbye Merchandise Webshop is online

Finally our Webshop is online. You can now purchase our EP ‘No Time Like Now’ and our Band-Shirt exclusively from the source. And here it comes: Our webshop offers the Special Fan-Package: CD + Band-Shirt for an exclusive price!

(show news)
13.05.2010 14:04

Unplugged but not a single bit tamed

Thank you guys for attending our unique unplugged show at Netzwerk Bar yesterday. It was a great experience for us and it wouldn’t have been this amazing without you, our true fans who definitely know how to rock and how to party! Thank you!

The website got updated today and we’ve uploaded a new biography and new band-information dossiers in the download-section .

(show news)
10.05.2010 22:32

Show at Netzwerkbar Zurich confirmed

Last Chance to Say Goodbye will perform at Netzwerkbar Zurich on the 12th of May 2010 with an exclusive and unique UNPLUGGED show! Don’t miss it! Click here for more information

(show news)
28.04.2010 11:31

Our EP “No Time Like Now” is now available on

We’re very happy to announce that our debut-EP is now available on Switzerlands biggest online-records-store . It can be purchased for CHF 14.90 without any additional shipping costs.

(show news)
20.04.2010 14:01

No Time Like Now is now available in download stores

We’re proud to announce that our debut-EP “No Time Like Now” is now available in over 300 international and national download stores such as iTunes, AmazonMP3, Ex Libris, Spotify, Napster and many more.

(show news)
16.04.2010 09:33

New concert date added: 12.05.2010 at Netzwerk Bar, Zurich. Please note that this is an open-air event and will only take place if the weather is dry.

(show news)
16.03.2010 14:10

Every website has its starting problems: We’ve noticed that you were unable to register for our newsletter or to contact us via our website. These problems are fixed now. And we’ve uploaded some awesome new pictures of our rocking CD-Release Party last Friday.

(show news)
13.03.2010 20:26

Thanks to all of you guys for attending our CD-Release Party yesterday. It was amazing to properly celebrate the release of our debut-EP with you!!! First pictures are already up and more will follow soon!

(show news)
11.03.2010 23:34

New Website is online

We’re proud to present today our new website in the look of our debut-EP ‘No Time Like Now’ and we hope you like it as much as we do. We had to erase our database for the newsletter, so we have to kindly ask you to resubscribe for it. And this time we’ll actually be sending out newsletters regularly, so it will be worth to subscribe here

(show news)