Last Chance to Say Goodbye to Pascal

The old saying goes “No news is good news…”. Well this isn't always correct. Our first news in a long time brings bad tidings…Pascal is leaving the band. Pascal will be returning to school in October and as the course is so intensive it would leave him little time to invest in the band he decided that it would be best if we would look to find a replacement drummer. This is sad news indeed but obviously we wish Pascal all the best with his studies.

Now that does mean that our long awaited 3rd CD will be delayed whilst we recruit a new drummer, teach the songs, and gauge his/her tolerance to vast quantities of alcohol but we will push ahead as quickly as possible and hopefully get some shows before 2014 draws to a close. Who knows, perhaps we will even debut the two new songs “Sacrifice” and “From the Edge” and whatever else we can produce before then. We miss you and will do our best to get to you before the nights get cold and dark.

In the meantime if any of you knows of a drummer, or are a drummer yourself, please drop us a line and help us get back on our feet as soon as possible.